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Rawken Hawks Manager Ken Harrelson Names His Opening Day Starter

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Hawks Manager Ken Harrelson held a press conference to announce his season 22 opening day starter.
"On opening day when we play the Belsize Stros, Chris Tillman will be on the hill, he was an all star last season and he's won 46 games for us the last three seasons, he deserves it."  Harrelson continued, "We love Chris in Rawken, there's a reason we used a first round pick to get him in season 19."
Pitching coach Ralph Branca reinforced Harrelson's decision.  "We feel we've got a very good rotation this season, but Chris is the leader.  He comes to play and he wants the ball.  Over the last three seasons he's pitched a lot of innings, 248, 246 and 237.  There's no one we'd want out there more on April 1st, no fooling!"
Fellow season 21 Hawk Lance Lynn also chimed in.  "It was a no brainer, Chris is the man.  We've added some good arms like Matt (Garza) and Josh (Collmenter), but a successful season hinges on Chris doing well.  Matt won 11 games last season and Josh was a reliever, but he pitched 130 innings so his transition to starting should be easy.  And having Carlos Carrasco graduating from our minor leagues gives us 5 quality guys.  Joe (Kelly) waiting in the wings gives us some depth too."
Hitting coach Andre Dawson likes what he sees.  "Top to bottom, we've got a very good staff.  And the bullpen should be a strength as well with (Greg) Holland closing, (Pedro) Strop and (Adam) Warren added to our minor league graduates (Drew) Storen and (Kevin) Jepsen in set up roles."
When asked about his batting line up, Harrelson was also up beat.  "These guys all have roles and they will be hitting in their roles.  We'll have some platoons so guys are giving us their best at bats when they're up there."
Dawson also commented on the Hawks hitting.  "Brantley had good numbers last season, but he was leading off.  We expect him to take on more responsibility driving in runs this season along with Adrian Gonzalez", he said of the two returning Hawk batters.
"We have a quality lead off hitter to replace Brantley in Lorenzo Cain," said Dawson, "he can hit, run and he covers a lot of ground in centerfield.  We're very happy to have Nolan Arenado too, we think he's one of the best young 3rd basemen in the league!"
Bullpen coach Clay Carroll talked about the catching situation.  "In Salavador (Perez) and Wilin (Rosario), we feel we have a great combination of hitting and throwing.  These guys can shut down a running game with their throwing and they can swing the lumber too."
Harrelson closed the press conference, "To win teams need pitching, hitting and defence, we feel we have a balance of all three.  We're looking forward to April first."

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Markham Squeeze

Markham Squeeze
Is Rawken a city then? I always assumed it was describing the state of mind the Hawks were in, not their location! Smile

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It's BOTH! That's what makes it a great name!

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