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Hendricks for the Stieb

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1Hendricks for the Stieb Empty Hendricks for the Stieb on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:02 am


Kyle Hendricks had very close to a record breaking season.  His ERA of 1.69 was not only the best in the league (by .15 over 2nd place), he came within .09 points of the ERA record of 1.60 set by Cliff Lee in his extraordinary season 11 performance.
He lead the league in quality starts with 30, just one off the all time record of 31 (he had 3 more than the 2nd place pitcher and 5 more than the 3rd place pitcher).  His quality start percentage was also #1 in the league at .857 and in his quality start record setting season 18, Matt Cain who had 31 QS had a percentage of only .838 so Hendricks percentage might be one of the best ever (Lee at 24-1 and his percentage of .960 will never be broken).
Hendricks numbers weren't in a small sample size as he pitched 255 innings (3rd in the league) and was among the best ever players made unlimited based on his performance and his 317% usage.
As well, Hendricks is all over the leaderboard in many pitching categories but especially in ERA and quality starts, two key performance indicators for starters.

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