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Markham and Bradford Babkas strike a blockbuster deal

Which team wins this trade?

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Total Votes : 7

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The Markham Squeeze trade Matt Kemp and a 18th round draft pick to the Bradford Babkas for Edwin Encarnacion, a 6th round draft pick and a hamburger.

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Babkas confirm the trade.

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are you sure the picks as announced weren't supposed to be reversed?

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263EX/275EX, OBP 375/349
Current season: .275  8 HR  20 RBI (.567 SLG%, 338 On Base)

264VG/295EX, OBP 321/355
Current season: .225  3 HR  11 RBI (.367 SLG%, 290 On Base)

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and now the Squeeze get a hamburger too!! This is too much!!!! I demand a veto.

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The difference between these two players considering their splits and the fact that both were keepers is much closer than the difference between a 6th and 18th round pick. When you also consider how they have hit so far this season the difference is much, MUCH closer....

I have a hard time believing any hitter not named Trout would also fetch as good a pick as a 6th with Encarnacion going back the other way...

Ken being Ken again.....

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The burger was the catalyst in getting this deal done, that's for sure.

That Ball Club wrote:and now the Squeeze get a hamburger too!! This is too much!!!! I demand a veto.

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Wow! Somebody got squeezed here.

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9 RE: The Hamburger on Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:14 pm

A whole cow should have gone the other way to even this one....

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i'm just hungry for a burger.
big price to pay for a gamble though.

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What exactly does it take to get a trade vetoed in this league, anyway?

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If you clam up long enough, new games are run and posts stop and there's no need for a veto.

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Negative poll results don't matter...

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I think it takes either collusion or bad faith (like an experienced owner trying to trick a new owner) to get a trade vetoed. I think Ken got the better of this deal in isolation, but if the Babkas really needed a bat to play OF, rather than 1B, it makes sense from their perspective.

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