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Delayed Flight is Worth it!

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1 Delayed Flight is Worth it! on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:32 am

After playing their 3 game home series against the Trailer Parkes Trash, the Rawken Hawks were on the team plane ready to go to the Trailer Park for the 3 away games.
Then came the announcement there would be a delay.
"There was some grumbling", said manager Ken Harrelson.
After 15 minutes, the door opened and Trash ace Justin Verlander came from the front of the plane where the entry door is located.
"Guys, the Trash plane left without me, can I hitch a ride?", Verlander said.
"The guys were all looking at each other, really confused. I mean, how do you leave behind Justin Verlander?", said hitting coach Andre Dawson.
Manager Harrelson stood up, "Let's give him a break and let him stay, he's pitching in a couple of days. But he's pitching for us!!"
The plane erupted in cheers since this is the kind of acquisition that can make a season.
Harrelson then had an impromptu press conference in the reporter's area of the plane.
"It's tough to see Jarrod go, he's a very good pitcher and a great kid", Harrelson said of the pitcher going to the Trash who had been called to the front section of the plane before Verlander entered.
"But when you have the chance to pick up a pitcher of the calibre of Verlander, you have to do what you need to."
When asked about the cost, Parker, a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick, Harrelson became animated.
"To hang with the cost, we'll worry about the cost next season. All I know is Justin Verlander will make me worry a lot less this season and make other teams worry a lot more. This gives us a leg up on a playoff spot and if we make it, I don't envy any team having to face R.A. and Justin twice in a 7 game series."
As he got up to return to the team area of the plane Harrelson said with a wink, "I think this guy might just make me a better manager..."

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