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Rebuilding continues...On the cusp of getting into the playoffs? Players available!

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For the past two seasons I have been on a rebuilding mission. I think my team is starting to take shape.

What I'm seeking:
The obvious is what I am seeking so we'll just cover that now. I have one pick to acquire and would like to get a round one (duh, who wouldn't?). Or at least as high a pick as I can gather. I am looking to sell some sort of package to acquire this.

What is available:
Basically anything on my roster that is not a keeper is available. I will list here the players who probably have the most value but feel free to take a look at my entire roster.

Kyle GIBSON-this is a tough one to offer because he is having a Cy Young year. Two no-hitters? UNREAL. However, I think Cole Hamels will end up being the keeper because he will probably have more consistency long-term, for season 26 and  beyond. This could be debated though if one of you out there really wants to pay for Hamels. I'll see how Gibson does in his second start of 2016 but his first start wasn't stellar. He needs to integrate more of that WHIFF stuff I know he has! Value to you-he is having an amazing year! Certainly as good as any ace (12-2 3.14) which could give your rotation a nice boost. Next season is also 2015 so no reason he shouldn't perform well again if you see him as a keeper to compete for Season 25.

Cole HAMELS-thinking hes my keeper but see above. Wouldn't be overly upset to *have* to take Gibson if someone really wants him...

Vincent VELASQUEZ-Small sample size (18.1 IP) but so far performing well with 2.45 ERA, 2 saves, and 21Ks. Could give your bullpen some quality depth.


Adam JONES-A proven outfielder could be just what you need to get "over the hump". His defense is rated "VG" and he hits equally vs LHP or RHP which can be quite useful. In 376 PAs he is currently hitting .253 AVG, .731 OPS, with 16 HR.

Joe PANIK-He could be the stud at 2B you need. He has a .319 AVG, 882 OPS and only 16 Ks in 242 PAs. Unfortunately he is limited but since I have been using him primarily vs RHP he still has 56% left. He also hit very well in his 12 AB vs LHP.

Mark CANHA-Canha could add some quality depth to your roster-eligible at 1B, LF, and RF. Could even be a keeper for other rebuilding teams that believe his pop is just going to get better. He's hitting .278 AVG with a .757 OPS for me right now. He is especially doing well vs LHP with a .325 AVG in 40 PAs.

Dexter FOWLER-Need some CF depth who hits well vs LHP? Dexter Fowler is your guy! He only has hit 2 HR for me so far but had 17 in 2015 which might mean he's due for some power!

Trevor PLOUFFE-Speaking of power, Plouffe could add some power off the bench for a team looking to compete. Already has 18 HR.

Joey GALLO-Obviously for someone also rebuilding who is seeking power (which he has loads of) and believes he will figure out how to make contact.

Cory SPANGENBERG-He would be my 4th if we could keep four. Hate to give him up. Had good numbers in his first major league season in 2015 and had a good weekend to start 2016.

Steve CISHEK-Still technically a minor leaguer (will be called up when needed for bullpen innings) but could add some depth to your bullpen.  

As for picks I have also traded four picks (#2, #11, #25, #26) so I believe I could trade away one more.

MY KEEPERS-not looking to sell:
Major Leaguers-
Carlos Correa
Corey Seager
Mookie Betts
Cole Hamels

Minor Leaguers-
Jon Gray
Rougned Odor
Byron Buxton

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