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Ben Paulsen is the baddest dude in TBGBL

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1 Ben Paulsen is the baddest dude in TBGBL on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:18 pm

In the 4th inning of the Bugeaters/Hawk's June 12 game, AJ Burnett was getting knocked around: a leadoff triple, followed by a homerun and then an Adrian Gonzalez double. Burnett had had enough. He threw at Ben Paulsen who promptly charged the mound. He took out Burnett and made fast work of poor Eduardo Nunez who felt compelled to come to his pitcher's defense, sending both to the DL for over 40 games each. Paulsen was ejected, apparently without a scratch on him.

The moral of the story: don't mess with Ben Paulsen.

6/12/2015, BUG24-HWK24, Progressive Field

A.J. Burnett was injured for this game and 47 more days
Eduardo Nunez was injured for this game and 43 more days
Ben Paulsen was ejected from this game

************** Bottom of the 4th inning, Hawks batting
4-0 0 --- 00 Duffy,MM lined a triple to right center (X)
4-0 0 --3 00 Brantley grounded out to short, Duffy,MM scored (X)
4-1 1 --- 11 Dickerson,C homered deep to center (BCX)
4-2 1 --- 20 Gonzalez,A lined a double down the left field line (BBX)
4-2 1 -2- 10 Paulsen was hit by a pitch (BH)
Burnett left the game with an injury
Nunez left the game with an injury
Paulsen was ejected
Ross,R now pitching
Ozuna pinch running for Paulsen
4-2 1 12- 00 Realmuto grounded a double down the third base line,
Gonzalez,A scored, Ozuna to third (X)
4-3 1 -23 22 Escobar,A grounded out to third, Ozuna scored, Realmuto
to third (BSBFX)
4-4 2 --3 01 Burns lined a single to shallow left, Realmuto scored (CX)
4-5 2 1-- 10 Phillips flied out to left (B1X)

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2 The Rawken Times on Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:32 pm

Reprinted with permission from The Rawken Times

(Rawken Times June 13)
Paulsen Puts Off-Season MMA Training to Good Use

After his rookie season with the Psychos in season 22, Ben Paulsen wanted to contribute more in Season 23 and he trained in the off season with the camp of noted MMA fighter Georges St Pierre. He did it for fitness and core strength, little did he know his new found skills would be put to good use during a brawl with the Laverne Bugeaters yesterday.
“I never envisioned using what I had learned on the field in a fighting way,” said Paulsen after the June 12th game won by the Hawks 12-5.
The Bugeaters were winning the game 4-0 entering the 4th inning when Matt Duffy opened the inning with a triple. After he scored on a ground out by Michael Brantley, Corey Dickerson homered and Adrian Gonzalez followed with a double.
This brought up Paulsen. “I could see he was pissed,” said Paulsen of Bugeater’s pitcher A.J. Burnett.
Burnett’s first pitch buzzed just past Paulsen. The next one hit Paulsen right in the back.
According to Hawks manager Ken Harrelson, “He obviously did it on purpose. That guy is gutless…”.
“You just shouldn’t throw at guys because they get a few hits off you,” said Paulsen.
So Paulsen charged the mound. Burnett tried to kick him as he approached but Paulsen easily avoided the kick and hit Burnett with a right left combination that left the pitcher laid out on the back of the mound unconscious with what was later diagnosed as a broken jaw and a concussion.
“I watch MMA all the time and those strikes were clean shots that obviously did damage,” said Michael Brantley.
Said Corey Dickerson, “Burnett is a tall guy and he fell back like a redwood tree being chopped down. It was lights out.”
Adrian Gonzalez had left second base where he was after hitting his double and he tackled catcher Matt Lucroy who was gunning for Paulsen. By this time players had left the benches and the first player to get to Paulsen was shortstop Eduardo Nunez. Paulsen hit Nunez with a straight right that broke his nose and dropped him to his knees, he put his hands to his face and blood poured down on his jersey.
“I never thought about what I was doing, I was just trying to defend myself, first against being thrown at and then with guys charging toward me,” said Paulsen.
“Most brawls people are standing around and grabbing jerseys. This was kick ass! He took those guys to town! It was a major beat down,” said Gonzalez who had a ringside seat for the action and has seen it all in his career in the league. Both players are expected to miss considerable time due to the injuries.
Harrelson had the last word as usual: “Maybe Burnett will think twice about throwing at people while he’s sucking his meals through a straw for the next month or so.”
Because it was deemed that Burnett was throwing at Paulsen with intent to hit him, there will be no disciplinary action against Paulsen according to league sources.

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Ben Paulsen =Paul Bunyan

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4 Re: Ben Paulsen is the baddest dude in TBGBL on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:45 am


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