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To sell or buy... that is the question

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1To sell or buy... that is the question Empty To sell or buy... that is the question on Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:14 pm

In case you hadn't noticed, the Matt Stairs division of Jenkins is terrible.
The top team in the standings (currently) is the proud Wannabees franchise... and I know we're terrible. The only reason we're hanging on is the strength of our pitching staff.

So the question is...
Do I buy some offense to complement my starters... and continue to not only be the best of the worst, but have a chance of doing something decent in the playoffs...
Or do I sell the limited assets I have (Lohse, Vogelsong, Garza, Pacheco, Soriano, Jaso, etc...) and reload for next season with ML upgrades or picks.

It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure, where YOU decide!
Send me your trade ideas... either to sell or buy.
And depending on what comes through will help me decide what path to take.
Or hell... if there aren't any serious trade proposals, well, maybe I'll ride out with what I've got and still aim for the playoffs, where anything can happen.

BTW - my list of untouchables are: Kershaw, Wainwright, Holliday, Cuddyer.
I say untouchable... but anything is possible. They would require a "king's ransom" to pry them away from the Wannabees...

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2To sell or buy... that is the question Empty Re: To sell or buy... that is the question on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:13 am

I guess buy won!

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